Very Hot at Old Trafford

Hi Alan,… the site but will skip the MAN U final entry. BLAGHHHHHH

Manchester United melting Roma

Winter fodder
The weather is now very mild and the next cold snap will be after the coming weekend. Unless I get any reports in from all you good folk out there who have helped support my site this last few months, I will not be posting any more details until next winter, unless of course I am on the hill myself!

During the summer months my Mountain Diary will have periodic information, and I’m more than happy to copy or link to other mountain sites with similar interests. Just send me the stuff and when I get time it will be posted on my site.

Thanks again folks, it has been a good winter on Ben Nevis.

hi, Alan. thanks for all your weather reports and great pictures you put on the site,it gives us brill info on where to go climbing day to day in the winter.hope you have a great summer and keep the web site up dated,cheers andy bain.

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