Reine Slab (Reinesvaet)

Sea Breeze is in the top fifty routes of the Lofoten guide at around HVS 5a. However it has some pretty scrappy sections, plus an awful abseil descent. The route would benefit from some ‘significant gardening’ plus a new line of abseil stations down the crag. The good bits are very good though.




2 Responses to “Reine Slab (Reinesvaet)”

  1. Ian Gray says:

    Descent from Sea Breeze is not good if you follow the guide book description and abseil down the gulley. However, if you proceed over the next hump onwards above the gulley then it is mostly a grassy walk off (one abseil and a steep grass section).

  2. Alan Kimber says:

    Thanks Ian. It’s still not worth putting the route in the top fifty. Alan

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