Staghorn Gully

Hi Alan,
We had a fun day on Staghorn Gully on Saturday. The North Pipe gave a couple of good pitches however us pensioners just can’t hang on to gear anymore. My Cassin ‘bronze museum piece’ of a drive-in was dropped from the top of the steep pitch on the pipe and the shiny ice screw staring in the picture below also went AWOL. I’m surprise we managed not to lose ourselves. A small reward will be offered if anyone finds either piece!!
All the best from the old folks home.

and later

Thought I’d drop you a quick note of thanks for demonstrating the benefits of Cyberworld in helping to get lost gear back to its forlorn owner. You’ll remember my buddy and I lost a drive in on Staghorn a couple of weeks back.
The lovely lady below us on the route did a grand job and I received my ‘cassin museum piece’ through the post yesterday. Hope to use it on Meagaidh again this weekend!!
Thanks again

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Douglas,

    I picked up your drive in on Saturday. E-mail me on k_cammy at hotmail and I can get that posted back to you.

    Best, Karen

  2. Well done Karen and thanks. I'll let Douglas know about this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Karen thanks for this…..will be in touch.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I can revelal that Douglas's partner didn't accidently drop the drive-in two weeks ago. Unfortunately I was Douglas's co-pensioner on Meg this weekend and I can reveal that his rack bosts even more vintage gear. His old blunt steel ice screw nearly followed the same fate when I almost threw it away, sorry accidentally dropped it, after struggling to place it on Pumpkin. Still, we slapped ourselves on the back for only taking all day to climb it whilst enjoying a great view of the mist.

  5. A guide in Glen Roy collects old gear. Try eBay next time! Guys your age should have enough 'brass' to buy some decent kit once in a while:-))

  6. Anonymous says:


    Here was me hoping my museum collection of gear could see me through another 10 or so years!! Alan you'll be pleased to know that between Staghorn and the Pumpkin I retired my 20 year old Koflachs and an old Stubai hammer for newer replacements off of ebay, so the advice you give is being taken. My mate pensioner Dave may have newer gear but he still climbs like a shandy drinking bell-ringer.

    All the best


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