Chobe Game Park

Out of the ‘Bush’ and our self-drive adventure. Deep sand and muddy holes are far more frightening material than snow and ice any day for driving on. The experience is heightened considerably by the knowledge that if you get stuck, safety and assistance is a long way off and you are surrounded by wild animals. We did at least carry a satellite phone and a Garmin GPS. The maps are not great for Botswana National Parks. We visited Hwange in Zimbabwe and Chobe and the Okavango Delta in Botswana, with the latter being a fly in from Maun. Our vehicle in Chobe was a Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, which by all accounts is the best machine for the job. Titles and descriptions for photos under construction! Unfortunately Manchester United lost this evening, but some snow has hit the Scottish hills, so hopefully winter might be here for a while longer.

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