Avalanche – Lost Gear and fine weather

This report relates to yesterday. Today was very warm, especially in the Ice Factor:-)

Gardyloo Buttress (Smith’s Route) looked in good shape yesterday. A climber can be seen at the top of the main hard pitch.

We set off a small avalanche just to the left of the foot of Tower Scoop. We lost a flask and a ski pole in the debris. Anyone who finds this gear, maybe consider returning it. Thanks. Our intended route of Gardyloo Gully was forsaken for some training on the lower section of Tower Ridge. Better to turn back in the face of obvious avalanche hazard. It’s easy to overcome disappointment. Death is another matter entirely.

Of interest is the fact that the team of two that were at least one hour ahead of us and who crossed the same ground did not appear to have problems with the snowpack. Avalanche hazard can appear in a short space of time and maybe our party of four just tipped the balance regarding stressing the layers.

Looking up Point Five Gully yesterday. It looked in good shape.

Yesterday we had a good cold and benign start to the day, which later turned into rain and wind.

The lower initial section of Tower Ridge yesterday. A good place for training with an abseil descent of the Douglas Gap and down its eastern gully. Observatory Gully in the background.

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