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Travelling Man

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Up until 14th December my travel blog will be on the Scottish Independent Hostels blog pages. If anyone has any details of Scottish conditions please post them here and I’ll upload from Chile or Argentina.

On 9th December another Lad in Lochaber had something to tell about Ben Nevis. Seems that the early season is looking reasonable, but no doubt the rain and warmth will return and we will all be moaning again. In recent years the Trident Buttress area has been good early on, so head west my friends.

On 30th November, according to my ‘Mole’ in the northern hemisphere, plenty of teams out in the Northern Corries, but also a good build up of rime in the west. ‘The Message’ has had ascents every day since Friday. 800 metre cloud base across the country so photos limited. Thanks to Peter and Nigel for their reports.

Meanwhile in Patagonia the views and weather are both world class and extremely changeable.

Two views of Cerro Torre in the Fitzroy group above.

Torres Paine National Park Chile.

‘BIG’ winds.

Interesting clouds

Torres Paine under threatening skies