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Mixed on Skye

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

The wind has swung northerly again and whilst it has been dry and warm for a few weeks, its now got a bit chilly again. The main areas of snow have all gone and running friend Finlay has taken the ridge record to a new low with more to come getting close to the 3 hour mark should be possible. Next week looks settled again for a few days worth of High pressure arriving. The Alps is still unsettled too and many friends there are still skiing great snow up high.


Back up and running

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Busy times on the hills and not enough admin time, we are getting there. We have been properly running too, Jura Fell race was perfect conditions and a great social weekend, so not all work. The blog will be running again properly from now, hopefully, so feel free to pass on stories you would like shared with plenty of pictures too. Web editing coming up next.

Sunny and calm in Coire a Ghrunnda

Sunny and calm in Coire a Ghrunnda

Sky on Skye

Sky on Skye

Spike is happy

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

This week Spike Sellers has been working for Bruce Poll, the new owner of West Coast Mountain Guides up on the Black Cuillin Ridge, where there is still plenty of snow. Anyone looking for adventures on the ridge should contact Bruce Poll on 01397 719120 or

Spike's kite is flying!

Spike’s kite is flying!

Very good on the Isle of Skye

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Thanks to Dave Barker for this very good shot of the Black Cuillin covered in plenty of the white stuff.

Dry on Skye

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Yesterday on the crest of the Black Cuillin. Today ( 27th August) would be very different as a pile of windy and very wet weather is sliding through.

Great Weather

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Spike Sellers on his way to Skye, after a successful day on the CMD Arete. A traverse of the black Cuillin awaits with fine weather forecast.

Cloudy but dry

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Today it is still dry but a little cloudy, with patches of blue sky. Yesterday was busy with West Coast Mountain Guides teams out in a variety of locations. Spike Sellers is away rock climbing with a guest on Skye and in Coire Lagan yesterday on the magnificent Cioch Buttress, which must be the most extensive and continuous set of mountain cliffs anywhere in Britain. Al Halewood was training two folk for an attempt on the traverse of the Skye Ridge. This training involved climbing up and down Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis, practising the various forms of climbing, moving together roped, abseiling and solo climbing, which will be used on the Black Cuillin traverse. Anyone interested in training for the Skye ridge traverse should consider this outing. Up and down Tower Ridge, at least twenty times will be something like the amount of work minimally needed, plus a bivouac along the way before considering the Skye outing. Meanwhile Kenny Grant was out with a guest on the Aonach Eagach. A trivial scramble when compared to Skye!

More dry weather

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Thanks to Spike Sellers for the sunset shot from a bivvy on the Skye Black Cuillin, congratulations on a significant birthday, friend. Also Hannah Evans took the shots on the Five Sisters of Kintail. Both working for West Coast Mountain Guides over the Jubilee weekend. Very busy recently I’m pleased to say and still plenty of good instructors around to do the work.

Dear Alan,

Good afternoon! How are you? Once upon a time GANGARA Caves harboured shelters of pirates. No anglers visit the area harbouring sanctuary of a family of osprey and some other species of seabirds in this quiet Sunday afternoon.

Yasuyoshi Sakai

Thanks Yoshi. Winter has finally finished here, although yesterday icicles high on Ben Nevis were forming. These caves and surrounding cliffs look like good for climbing?

Gangara Caves

Skye Ridge conditions

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Spike and Ken were attempting a traverse over Friday and Saturday last. Unfortunately some very wintry weather got in the way on Friday, although Saturday turned out reasonable. It just goes to show that patience and a flexible daily weather period must be factored into any attempt. Snow, rain and or wind will almost certainly reduce the speed and confidence of the party, as will large groups. West Coast Mountain Guides offer a four-day slot. The instructors keep in touch a day or two prior to arrival and we try and choose the best period based on the weather forecast. See Spike Sellers photos hear The photos in the gallery above were  taken by Ken Applegate. Ken was working on behalf of West Coast Mountain Guides with James. Recommended numbers on a traverse attempt are no more than two to one instructor. Those taking part should have a head for heights and be able to sustain two days of hard challenge on this unique mountain range. Previous rock climbing experience to Severe standard would also help. Check out Black Cuillin Traverse for more detail

Skye adventures

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Sea Eagles and loose women! Two inches of new snow on the Black Cuillin tops today (11th May). This last week we avoided the snow and wet high tops by using the new and very good Scottish Mountaineering Club climbing guide to Skye Outcrops and Sea Cliffs. Paddling into some locations and making the most of the sheltered side of the island on a daily basis, we avoided any really bad weather, especially on Wednesday last. The photos tell the story but top marks go to Suidhe Biorach beside Elgol, where we met Tom Prentice (SMC guidebook editor) by chance using the new guide. For truly loose and chossy conditions please avoid Macleod’s Maidens (Old Lady – HVS, 4c)